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Despite the many similarities, they are different games with different systems and settings. nWoD is a reimagined oWoD. The relationship between the two is much like that between 1970s Battlestar Galactica and 2000s Battlestar Galactica. Some core concepts have been kept, others have been significantly altered while reusing names, and some elements are ...


What i feel everyone that answered your question forgot is the importance of the masquerade. This question is a year old, but for anyone in a similar situation that happen upon this, here is the consequences of performing actions similar to these. Blatantly using his mystical abilities in front of one or more mortals in this manner, possibly being video ...


It provides the “degree of sympathetic connection.” In other words, how closely they are connected; the strength of their connection. It doesn't tell how they're connected or the details and history of the connection, just how closely they are connected — and therefore, how useful their connection would be for casting a Sympathetic Spell.

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