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Both mages need the Ritual Synergy ••••• merit from "Tome of the Watchtowers" to do it. From page 79 of that book: With Ritual Synergy •••••, the mage leading the ritual need not know how to cast the entirety of the spell; other participants with this Merit can contribute their personal Arcanum knowledge to conjunctional or combined spells. All ...


Like Discord mentioned, if you want you might try to incorporate the Paths of Enlightenment from the oWoD that replace humanity. The general idea of them is: You are not a human anymore, yet you are not a mindless animal. Cast away your old morals and use your self discipline to gain enlightenment, which can come from many sources: gaining personal power, ...


Your original post was years ago, so this post is likely irrelevant at this point. Never-the-less, I would think a straight D&D to nWoD conversion is the wrong approach. Instead of a conversion, I would consider a hybrid system. For example, I would change WoD attributes to Intelligence (Mental), Dexterity (Physical), Constitution (Physical), ...


I am defeating this by starting it out early. I am starting with a WOD Innocents campaign where several players are children and learn to work together and trust each other so much before their change that they WANT to cooperate after their changes.

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