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This guy sounds like a Warforged, from the Eberron setting. It's a sentient machine, doesn't sleep and "my only duty is to the ship" along with "I'll stand watch 24/7 without getting bored" is right up their alley. Of course, it does mean your "guy" is built from wood and metal.


The helmsman could be weird... Neither constructs, elementals, oozes, non-native outsiders, plants, nor undead need to sleep, therefore the helmsman could be a creature with any of these types or take feats or prestige classes that transform him into any of these types. However, a helmsman could also take... The general feat Tomb-tainted Vitality (Libris ...


You could create your own magical source (i.e., the character draws energy from the ship, etc). Or you could have the character cursed - no sleep but still able to complete the job, a la Davy Jones. One of the ways I would suggest is a constructed creature (much like Erik's Warforged). Have you explored the possibility of a Golem? Perhaps a wood golem or ...

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