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The rules on page 94 specifically say "The first time you rest each day...", "The second time you rest each day..." and so on. This means you have to take the rests in that order.


Don't have the book where I can reach it at the moment, so I'll try to update this when I'm at home, but: Yes, you have to take your rests in sequence. This is spelled out (at least in the Cypher System Core Rules book, which I have) where it talks about taking multiple rests in immediate sequence (for instance, rolling all your recoveries in an overnight ...


The Numenera Corebook on p280 says: [Using a cypher that is not identified] is usually an Intellect task using the cypher's level. And then: Identified cyphers can be used automatically. Therefore, there is no test for activating the cypher in the way it's supposed to be activated. If the cypher does something like make the character breathe ...


I house-ruled it like this before: Some arrows are definitely lost (shot straight into a wall, sunk in the river, carried off by the wounded target, etc). Those that can reasonably be retrieved have to be found. Make that an Intellect check with difficulty and duration according to circumstance (hit vs miss, lighting, flora, ...). If appropriate, randomize ...

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