The World of Darkness is an urban-fantasy/horror game setting created by White Wolf Publishing, best known for its flagship game, Vampire: the Masquerade. In the World of Darkness, player characters are typically supernatural creatures who play out secret intrigues while keeping their existence hidden from ordinary people and the enlightened humans who hunt them.

Two different incarnations of the World of Darkness setting were published: one from 1991 until 2004, and the other from 2005 until the present day. These were usually referred to as the "old World of Darkness" and the "new World of Darkness," or "oWoD" and "nWoD." In 2011, White Wolf announced an initiative to publish new material using the pre-2005 setting, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Vampire. This setting is now officially known as the "Classic" World of Darkness, or "cWoD."

In 2012, Onyx Path Publishing (a company founded and comprised by former White Wolf/CCPna employees) began publishing both nWoD and cWoD titles under license.

The tag applies primarily to cross-edition, all edition, and generic questions concerning World of Darkness games. The tag applies to games set in the new World of Darkness.

Games Set In the World of Darkness

Old/Classic World of Darkness

Mythic Europe, the setting of Ars Magica, has at various points in its history been considered part of the old World of Darkness. The 5th edition of the game, currently published by Atlas Games, does not acknowledge such a connection.

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