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No. And little bit "Yes." The Life 5 Rote Perfect Metamorphosis, and its associated sphere trait, allows you to make a perfect modification of the living, physical form. It would, for instance, allow the Mage to turn himself into a human/wolf hybrid similar in physical appearance to any of the five forms, such as Crinos, and even shifting between them. It ...


While I haven't seen this translation guide, I can safely assume it follows other guides between oWoD and nWoD - which is changing old splat into new splat, not into new kind of splat. So when you use this guide, you combine both D:tF and D:tD creatures into exactly same thing, so you won't have two kinds of creatures (one opposing Abrahamic God, one ...


The Settite's own scales aren't going to last. However, you can still leave a thematic snakeskin clue. Followers of Set are known to keep ghouled snakes. Even people who have little hard knowledge of FoS might be aware of that they have some kind of association, symbolic or real, with snakes. Your Settites might simply have arrived at the fight scene ...


I still have to find the page citation, but my understanding is that once a piece of a vampire is removed, it crumbles to indistinct ash at a rate of speed proportional to the age of the Kindred. Severed limbs, bits of hair, skin flakes…and probably your Setite's scale, too, unless he is very young.


They can feed on (depending on their dharma level) flesh, blood, breath and eventually on the ambient chi of the universe (source). The lower level of dharma, the more "monstrous" way of feeding is required (so with very low dharma you have to eat corpses). If you like some homebrew rules extending those, please check this page


A vampire immobilized by a wooden stake "is conscious (and may use perception powers, such as those in the Auspex Discipline), but may not move or spend blood points." (p.280, V20) So, Auspex is definitely okay. Use of Dominate is potentially possible, but would require a power that neither requires you to speak (can't move) or make eye contact (because ...


None. You are correct. Disciplines don't cost blood to use unless they say they do. Note: Unless stated in the description, Disciplines cost no blood or Willpower points to activate. (p.128)


I'd agree with UhlBelk's comment; replace strength with the Telekinesis pool for mêlée damage. As you say, though, it's really in house rules territory. Up to the individual GM. That said, if it's part of the player's core concept, it should be allowed unless it's somehow abusing the system rules.

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