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Firstly, as a solo campaign, 'balance' isn't so much of an issue. If she wants to play a fire Druid, making a fire Druid even roughly in line with the standard classes is fine. Secondly, the actual details of your circle. The only big thing I can see is Fireball - but the Light Cleric gets that anyway. You're swapping domain features like damage for the ...


As long as the spells are of the correct level it should be balanced Let's talk about what we mean by balance. Option 1: "Will these bonus spells cause the character to be significantly more or less powerful then a character is expected to be at a given level?" As long as the bonus spells are all of a level the character would be able to cast normally ...


When my wife and I play I use my own character as an NPC. This seems to work well for us and I sometimes allow her 2 characters to control.

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