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Much of the content is still on Wizards' website. Why they didn't create proper redirections I don't know. Some of it is preserved by "simply" prefixing the word archive to the old URL. For example, the url wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/arch/we can now be found under archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/arch/we. In some cases more modifications have to be ...


The archive feature will generally get you the content you once had a link to. There's a couple of URL forms I recognise that'll work. /dnd/Article links For Article pages — ones that have /dnd/Article.aspx in the URL, like in the question — there's still a way to access them: replace the 'www' in the URL with 'archive'. So for the updates ...


For the Expert class itself? I have not seen such a thing. However, you could look for handbooks for individual skills. Unrestricted skill selection is the only noteworthy feature the class has, and these can be optimized more or less individually. Some noteworthy skills and fewer handbooks: Handle Animal (handbook) Use Magic Device (handbook) Iaijutsu ...


If you want something that fits in directly with the time period of the Forgotten Realms as depicted in Phandelver then the new Princes of the Apocalypse adventure starts out just to the east of Phandelver. I have the book and the initial adventures are in the Dessarin Valley. The north end begins at the eastern terminus of the Triboar trail as you can ...


http://twintailedcomet.com has a Google Map view with all labels removed. It starts zoomed in on a city in Europe, but if you know where New York is, you can zoom in there instead, and print or screenshot it.


The first and obvious forum to check out is Wizards of the Coasts' own DM Help Forum. WOTC's forums tend to have a lot of good advice about specific stats, numbers and rules, overall. Enworld's D&D forums tend to be among the best, with a good range of people covering everything from the nitty gritty to the larger flow of things. Reddit's game forums ...


Evil Hat has a series of pay what you want adventures called World of Adventure that can easily be run in FAE. The Fate Codex also comes with FAE quick start adventures. Aside from these, pretty much any Fate Core adventure can be turned into an FAE adventure.


I would recommend using Roll20. This will allow the GM to edit map and tokens from a tablet browser (requiring Chrome at the moment), while sharing to the web browsers on players' PCs. It will optionally integrate with Hangouts, but does the job pretty well on its own. Roll20 lets you create a map from images and tiles, or by whiteboard-style drawing on ...


There is a post at minmaxboards that is a "Guide to Free D&D" so it contains everything posted online by WotC, the SRD and much more in a very organized form. I cannot know if it is 100% complete given the fact that even the official index on-site has issues but it certain is far easier to navigate and believe it fits your question. EDIT: as a note ...


You don't need to use only the standard magic itens. Magic itens, as all rules on Pathfinder, are guidelines, not something written on stone. You can always create your own magic itens, according to your needs. If you want to go that way, just check a similar item that does what you want (Let's imagine a Gloves of Giant Might, +4 STR) and change the bonuses ...


RPGGeek As with many "directory" questions, the geek is your friend. Go to the RPG page for Fate Core on RPGGeek. Under "Linked Items" select "Scenario / Adventure / Module" from the category dropdown. It includes FAE items, as explained on the page and on the Evil Hat site.


I will echo the sentiment of using handbook material for the Factotum as a substitute for an Expert class Handbook as the SRD core Expert is basically a stripped-down Factotum: They have a weaker HD (d6 vs the Factotum's d8) due to being a NPC class vs the fully playable Factotum They get a roughly similar skill point allocation (6 pts/level, x4 at first ...


Go to d20pfsrd.com Search on "bonus to Constitution" In the faceted navigation at the top choose "Magic Items" The aristocrats! Here's a link I think will work for other people... It's not perfect, there's some items you will need to discard ("This doesn't provide a bonus to Constitution" is a hit) but should get you all your likely options.


I have good news for you! The Wizard's Handbook is alive in the D&D Wiki! You can find some other build from the Character Optimization Handbook in the same Wiki, merged with the builds of other users of the Wiki.

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