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Let's combine some of this into a compendium. Play-by-chat has been at least 80% of my time spent as a GM. It is a fun way to play because it allows immersion and in-character roleplaying to have more depth by allowing players to write their words and actions, which most people are quite comfortable with. But like all other RPG sessions, you need players. ...


Reddit naturally has a rather large community and has a dedicated subreddit for advertising games looking for players and/or GMs. http://reddit.com/r/lfg


I am registered on Obsidian Portal. I love it. You can browse others' campaigns and there are search options for recruiting in your area. They allow a lot of HTML for your campaign webpage for lots of customization. And I have never been charged for any of it. Basic accounts are free. Ascendant accounts are $40 a year.

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