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There are a few option to get a decent opportunity attack as a Battlemind. The easiest is to get the Level 1 At-Will Twisted Eye[DDI] which has: Augment 1 Special: When making an opportunity attack, you can use this power in place of a melee basic attack. Another option is the feat Melee Training (Constitution)[DDI], which allows you to use your ...


The basic rule of thumb is, When the enemy uses THEIR move action, it can provoke an attack. If their movement is done via any other method than their own action, it cannot provoke an attack of opportunity.


Firstly, there is no concept of "threatening" in D&D 5e; you can make opportunity attacks when a hostile creature moves out of your reach. As for reach weapons, the errata for the PHB clears this issue up once and for all: This property also determines your reach for opportunity attacks with a reach weapon. So yes, a reach weapon allows you to ...

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