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Nope. A Cleric can not Turn Undead in place of performing an Attack of Opportunity. Take note of what an AoO actually allows: Making an Attack of Opportunity An attack of opportunity is a single melee attack Particularly, note that no where in the AoO description does it allow the character to take a standard action, which is what is needed to ...


Weapons function normally during attacks of opportunity Your +3 flaming short sword still deals fire damage during an attack of opportunity, and your foe will really regret drinking that potion when, during the attack of opportunity he provokes for chugging, you lop off his head with your +1 keen vorpal scimitar. In other words, using a weapon off-turn ...


Great question. No. However, an opportunity does not necessarily equal an action, like a standard action or full round action. While the only example explicitly called out is Moving out of more than one square threatened by the same opponent in the same round doesn’t count as more than one opportunity for that opponent. According to the table, ...


Yes. Say for instance a creature in melee casts a spell that requires a ranged touch attack, it would provoke two attacks of opportunity, one for the casting of the spell and one for the ranged attack in melee. You still can make only one attack of opportunity for each opportunity that your foe gives you. For example, if you have Combat Reflexes and a ...


No, because a breath weapon is not a melee attack. Usually, a move action or free action can always be made in place of a standard action, but in case of Attack of Opportunity, that action has to be a melee attack.


No. As you note, an AoO is a single melee attack; quickened abilities, as they are free actions, can only be used on your turn. However, GM's world, GM's rules, so I would take it with good humor if it's a home game and not Organized Play of some sort.

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