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The Game Doesn't Want Creatures to Do This... The game encourages folks getting close to each other and beating the crap out of each other. For that reason, there's no cheap, simple way for a creature to make an attack of opportunity against a foe that enters a creature's threatened area. ...But They Can But this is Pathfinder--exceptions always exist. ...


You can ready an attack. While not the same as an attack of opportunity, it lets you interrupt your enemy before they attack. You have to be specific though, and have initiative before the enemy's turn. For instance: my turn? Ok I move ten feet and use a standard action to ready an attack against the first attacker who moves within reach of me. Done. ...


An attack of opportunity is an attack and that attack extends it's reach to 10 ft. You only get an attack of opportunity if a foe leaves that 10ft threatened area. The post above is just editing what the book says to make things more confusing than they should be. If you are a polearm master then you get a reaction attack when the foe enters within 10ft of ...


Yes. As per PRD combat chapter, casting a spell provokes an attack of opportunity. There is no exception for touch range spells. As for the touch attacks with a spell, it is the act of attacking itself which doesn't provoke an AoO; the act of casting still does. You may find these three questions relevant to yours.

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