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One of the things in Dnd I absolutely love is a variety of options. If your idea of a duel is that they have a rapier and you have a polearm and they're only allowed to attack I'd still consider hundreds of options. If they are allowed the binary choice of attack or not attack they'll probably lose but you'll get some scratches yourself. There are multiple ...


If you're looking to boost damage, the best way to do it is by boosting damage. To address your specific choices: Alert will slightly boost your damage by letting you deal damage when you would normally be surprised. Charger is mediocre at best before level 5, (which is one level away!), and just plain sucks afterwards. You have better things to do with ...


The cheapest method is to take the Devils Sight Invocation combined with a darkness creating spell, like Darkness or Hunger of Hadar.


If this is all you want your high level warlock to do is get advantage on eb - take 13 levels rogue(archane trickster) and use free action to slap your target with your mage hand to give you 4 eb's with advantage.


If you want to optimize your character, HeyICanChan's answer is exactly what you need. However I need to point out that traits are supposed to give your character some flavour, not to make it almighty powerful. Using them to optimize your character is not the spirit of the game.


Take the trait granting the +2 bonus on initiative checks then the trait granting the +4 bonus on Perception skill checks Whether casting a battlefield control spell, a spell that buffs your allies, or a spell that debuffs your foes, casting that spell first is vitally important to you and your party's survival. But, while you want your initiative result to ...


Mammoth Rider is attractive, but you cannot get it at level 7; the earliest possible is at level 10 because of the skill point requirement which require 9 ranks in Handle Animal and 9 in Ride. Which means in order to qualify you must be level 9 and then take your 10th level in it. That being said Barbarian isn't the worst way to go regardless. But you can ...

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