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Yes, you can gain a familiar elsewhere and have both This ambiguity is due to a very annoying habit that Wizards of the Coast had to assume that all characters were starting from 1st-level, would remain single-classed, and would not take cross-class skills, when discussing what members of a class can do. You see this in similar issues like: whether a ...


The second. You have an ability to obtain familiar, and you have an option to trade it for another ability. If you acquire the ability to obtain familiar from another source (multiclassing, for example), you will have both a skeletal minion from necromancer variant and a familiar from that another source.


Rules as written are simply inconsistent here. Each specialist class has three variants: one that replaces the specialist's summon familiar ability, As you can see, here summon familiar that came from class is replaced, but no word about permanency. And later on the same page, in the part you quote, the same page states that you give up ability ...

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