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No. But remember: a single attack in Dungeons and Dragons doesn't necessarily correspond to a single strike with a weapon - just a concerted effort to inflict harm to a target with a weapon. While it's possible to imagine that combat involves characters and monsters facing off for a few seconds, then each making one strike, and then settling back to a ...


Nope. You only get one attack per action, unless you have the extra attack feature. You can also make additional attacks with your bonus action if using light one handed weapons (can be improved with class features or feats). No amount of dextery will affect your attack options if you are going by the rulebooks.


The GM should telegraph such monsters If a medusa comes out of a random encounter table and petrifies someone without any warning, that character's player is likely to feel ripped off, and rightly so. It's on the GM to drop hints that a medusa might be in the future, preferably while the party still has enough time to gather necessary supplies and prepare ...

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