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Physical tokens. They're great. They're harder to forget than a mere note written on paper. In my group we use the unused polyhedral dice and colored glass stones (like the kind they sell for fishtanks) for Forward and Experience tokens, respectively. It's helpful as an MC to look up and see the actual XP and Forwards sitting right there on the table. ...


For fiddly things like this I find index cards a really effective way of helping players to remember. When a player has to take +1 going forward or whatever, give them an index card with that written on it. This means they have something physical and obvious to hold that reminds them and you for when it might come up.


Write the +1 and the reason on a sticker. Every time you roll look at the stickers. Is there any that applies? If so, come up with a reason in the spot.


You're asking from the perspective of the MC, but I think this is a player-facing procedure. When I MC Apocalypse World, I'll tell the players to take note of such things (forward, holds, whatever) sometimes, if it isn't going to be used (and used up) immediately. But once they aren't newbie players, it's totally their job. I, as MC, have enough stuff to ...

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