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I found an incredibly helpful table in one of the D&D subreddits that does exactly this. It takes a few minutes to use, but it's very thorough!


Before you can place a town or city, you must first have a world to place it in. When building your world you will need to determine general aspects that apply to your entire world, such as gods and their religions, races and their cultures, empires and their locations and other questions beyond the scope of this question. Once you have your world, you then ...


If the system uses basically the same scale of numbers for hit dice and damage dice as pre-third-edition D&D, it should work fine with SH's system. Thus, just about any game that advertises itself as being "OSR" should be workable. The key to this is the damage scaling system. So long as the monsters have about the same sort of hit dice as they do in ...


In its fundamentals, Scarlet Heroes works almost identically to D&D editions prior to 3rd, and so any adventure that is designed for one of those editions or an OSR game designed to mimick one of those editions will be playable. Armour Class The one caveat is that a few OSR games use ascending armour class (AC), which must be converted to the pre-3e ...

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