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Having played a strict LG Paladin somewhat recently till our Pathfinder game wound down for a while, here's my insight: 1. It's not always bad to be that paladin. I recall an instance where I refused to let the party take the belongings of an obvious bad guy we had caught, because, even though I arrested him on behalf of the local village, his crime was not ...


To offer an alternative answer to the accepted one: Yes. Remember that role playing is not all about combat. You can have a character that only uses one hand in battle, sure! And you can have a really good time, and you can look bloody awesome at the same time. Furthermore, having a free hand could open some possibilities in the narrative during battle, ...


You should take "Great Weapon Fighting" and then us a versatile weapon like long sword...then you can use it to do extra damage with two hands or just hold it in one if you like how it "looks". Also you will be able to grapple whenever you want. cheers.

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