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There is an inherent contradiction in any Paladin fighting evil wherever it is, as a basic world view, and consistently performing as an Evil player character. It will or would take considerable gymnastics by both the GM and the player to establish an environment wherein the oath keeper fights his own nature. In the case of the Lawful Neutral confronted ...


I believe the way it works is that by expending a 1st lvl spell slot gives 2d8, a 2nd lvl spell slot 3d8, a 3rd lvl spell slot 4d8 and a 4th lvl spell slot 5d8. a 5th lvl spell slot would also give 5d8. If you multiclass to get higher lvl spell slots they would still give only the max of 5d8.


First up, the RAW. This is pretty simple: Divine Sense works on celestials, fiends, and undead. Player characters are all humanoids (see page 11 of the PHB), and the Tiefling traits do not say anything about making the character a fiend in any way. Next, we have the lore. In 3.5e, tieflings were the descendants of actual fiends, whereas in 5e, they are ...


By RAW, the Paladin's divine sense gives them the ability to sense celestial, fiend or undead beings (PHB 84, "Divine Sense"). Tieflings are not fiends - they don't have the "fiend" keyword, specifically - and thus are not able to be sensed by the Paladin's ability.

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