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It's not possible to spontaneously Inflict as a Cleric having Good alignment. You would need: Alignment Change Possible Deity Change Technically, your DM could allow it, since the SRD states: Multiclassing between variants of the same class is a tricky subject. In cases where a single class offers a variety of paths (such as the totem barbarian or ...


Sword of the Arcane Order: Your spells are Wizard spells, not Paladin spells. They are arcane, not divine. This is because there is no specification that they count as Paladin spells. They may be consuming your Paladin/Ranger spell slots, but they still are Wizard spells, and when cast, they treat you as a Wizard with a caster level equal to your ...


Every second time you take that favored class bonus option, you gain +1 to the healing that paladin does every time he uses his lay on hands class ability (or the harm he does to an undead creature if he lays hands on it). At 10th level, the paladin probably has quite a few uses of lay on hands daily, so boosting the healing from each use by +5 (assuming ...


Nope. Sources: Jeremy Crawford - Lead designer for the D&D 5e rule books. I wouldn't. A tiefling is a humanoid, not a fiend, and therefore escapes the notice of Divine Sense. #DnD https://t.co/JXoB4gK7iU — Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) October 1, 2015

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