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Not just healing Another function Clerics and Paladins have is ability to deal with undead. Without them, these sorts of encounters will be harder. (Not impossible, just harder).


One solution is to play a healer yourself as part of the party. Have your group rescue a cleric that is now in their debt. Or perhaps they are sent on a high profile mission where they are sent with a paladin escort.


Yes, a D&D party can function just fine without a dedicated healer. I've played D&D in various forms for the better part of two decades, from 2nd edition, to third, to a high variety of d20-sytem / OGL variants, and not once has the absence of a healer rendered a party unable to adventure. And this was in systems prior to 4th, which sped up the ...


Things don't really work all that well without a dedicated healer. But there are some things you can do to work around it. The first and most obvious would be to provide plentiful healing potions. Your heroes should be able to find, and purchase, these fairly easily (maybe even at a reduced price, make up a story reason if you need one). For the first few ...


My experience with the starter kit says no None of the other magic user classes seem to have viable in-combat healing spells or abilities and that is where it is most important to have healing. Potions of healing only heal 2d4+2 HP, take an action to drink, and cost 50GP each. This is assuming that in your adventure/setting you able to buy as many as you ...

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