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Jimbo would receive both the bonus from rage and from his challenge because although they are both morale bonuses, his rage only affects his ability scores whereas the challenge provides a straight +1 to hit. The whole similar bonuses not stacking does not care about incidentals like the fact the morale bonus to strength gives him +1 to hit and damage. If ...


If there is no action described, then it's up to the witch to decide exactly how she performs the hex in question. A hex takes a standard action to use and does not provoke an AoO (under normal circumstances) which suggests that the action taken is normally either innocuous or at the very least not particularly noteworthy or complex, at least until your nose ...


It Depends on the Hex A witch's hex is either an extraordinary ability if labeled (Ex), a spell-like ability if labeled (Sp), or a supernatural ability if labeled (Su). In general, unless noted otherwise, none of these require the creature to perform certain obvious gestures, chant magic words, or employ dime-store trinkets to make an effect happen. In the ...


The way to improve the cantrips in Pathfinder is with alchemical power components, like so. Those marked with (F) are not spent after use. This is available starting from level 1, is cheap and does not require any feat expendure.

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