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Picking one archetype grants that one archetype's features; picking more than one compatible archetype grants all archetypes' features Archetypes are picked when a character first takes a level in the class and persist throughout the character's career, forever altering that class for that character (barring, for example, retraining). When a character ...


Paper alchemical cartridges reload faster than a standard bullet. They reload one step faster than a regular bullet.


Not really There is no official way to change or augment the list of disciplines that a given class offers. Can’t prove a negative, but Tome of Battle was one of the last books published, and its material is referenced almost nowhere outside itself (Dragons of Eberron is the only book I know of that does so). Tome of Battle, itself, certainly has nothing of ...


The archetypes of a class are all one class You do not have levels in scout-rogue and levels in skulking-slayer-rogue, you just have levels in rogue. That rogue class may be modified by the scout archetype and the skulking slayer archetype, if they are compatible (don’t both modify or remove the same core rogue class feature), but it is still one class. So ...

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