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You need Line of Effect to "effect" creatures. This is true for Aura's The aura fills the creature’s space and each square that is both within a specified distance of the creature and within line of effect of it. Blasts A blast affects a target only if the target is in the blast’s area and if there is line of effect from the origin square to the ...


Rules Compendium, page 204 Ending a Move A creature must have enough movement to enter its destination space. ... If it doesn't have enough movement to enter its destination space or runs out along the way, its move ends on the last square it could get to. Page 208 Phasing The creature follows the normal rules for where it must end its ...


It would appear to me that there are only a few options here. Tell the player that they cannot make that movement. a. Allow them to move to another unoccupied space. I dislike this option since it could give them too much knowledge of the area as they keep selecting another place b. Tell them that move will not succeed and allow them to make an ...


Walls are blocking terrainDDI and block all effects, including zones, unless that effect specifically says it extends through walls.

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