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Remember that the Astral plane is the major highway between the prime material plane and each outer plane - literally anything could be using that highway: prime material dwellers, Angels, Devils, slaads, githzari, modrons etc. Githyanki are the only creatures described a living on the plane but many others pass through who the Githyanki prey upon. In ...


Yikes, planar travel at level 4? Remember, most of the stuff that they will meet in the Astral is powerful enough to get itself there. Whatever enemies you consider placing onto the Astral, ask yourself "How did it get here?" Most of the things that have a decent answer to "how it got here" will be well above level 4. And that brings up the question "Do ...


The 4th edition sourcebook The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea covers this in detail. The lack of 5th edition statistics might not be much of an issue, since your group oughtn't to attempt to fight anything there.

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