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Let's combine some of this into a compendium. Play-by-chat has been at least 80% of my time spent as a GM. It is a fun way to play because it allows immersion and in-character roleplaying to have more depth by allowing players to write their words and actions, which most people are quite comfortable with. But like all other RPG sessions, you need players. ...


In Roll20 One method I've used for sending messages to groups of players on Roll20 is making each group a character and sending a message to that character. Forgive me using a fantasy example, but that's where my experience lies: At the start of a campaign, I'll ask everyone for languages known, looking for ones I know will come up during play. If anyone ...


It's not nearly as common as Play-by-post games, but I've certainly seen posts recruiting for play-by-chat games on the Paizo forums. It's especially a good fit since you're looking for Pathfinder players.


RPG-Directory.com is a really active forum community for play-by-post roleplayers, perhaps a good place to start chatting with people and finding someone to suit your game?

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