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One of my friends suggested that I should create a template for the journal and have the same sections happening every issue. The sections that he did mention... Summary of last session action. Upcoming conflict that is happening at the start of next session. World events News of organizations that the players are connected to.


I’m looking for some techniques to remind them in-game that the world is not ending tomorrow. Arrange some way for them to have part of the villain's plan. Not it all, of course, but enough info that they roughly know where the "now loading doom" bar is. This way you can both chill and hurry up as you see fit. When they start to worry too much about ...


Fronts Dungeon World (descended from Apocalypse World, but with an SRD freely available) has a successful mechanism for doing just this. It's called Fronts. Fronts represent impending badness, following the ethos of *World games, where danger is announced before it manifests. Fronts and dangers are described better by the SRD than I can manage here: ...


Actually, I happen to be in a similar situation as you. My group has played games that vary in pace from Shadowrun games where we spend three real time weeks (one session per week) planning for a single run, to Pathfinder games where we clear a new dungeon every session. Right now, we're playing a D&D 5e game set in a Dying Earth styled setting in ...

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