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Tasting isn't quaffing. Chances are he didn't gargle the potion to get a feel for what was in it, he got a bit on the tip of his finger and then rubbed it on his tongue. He would be able to tell from just a bit of a taste that no this is not a potion ow why is my tongue burning. If he explicitly states that he sucks the potions down like a vacuum cleaner ...


If he explicitly swallows "a gulp" of draconic acid (presumably analogous to Black Dragon breath) then yes, he's very very dead. That falls into the "inescapable death" situations described in the core books (trapped in a pit with the roof descending to crush you, drowning in an acid pool etc.). Human stomach acid has got nothing on the kind of ...


I'd give them a save against poison. If they succeed then they spat/gaged the liquid out before it did any harm; otherwise death. Maybe use the wis bonus.

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