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As far as I am aware, there is no way to give a creature the incapacitated condition directly. However, there are 4 conditions that give a creature the incapacitated condition as part of their effects. These are: Paralysed Petrified Stunned Unconscious There are a number of ways to apply these conditions without damaging your beloved pet. Within the ...


A creature needs only the feat Simple Weapon Proficiency and a blowgun to make all of its iterative ranged attacks The blowgun is the only simple ranged weapon capable of making iterative attacks without devoting additional resources to doing so. Unlike a crossbow or sling, no extra time's needed to load a blowgun. Unlike a thrown weapon, the feat Quick ...


Slightly off because this is not a direct answer, but if I may, let me examine the premise of this question a bit... There does not always need to be "a point" to a weapon, in the sense that every weapon is superior to all other weapons in some game technical fashion. Weapons have been invented in different cultures and at different points in time. Because ...


The DC remains at 11. For the extra effects you cited to take place, this would have to happen instead. Save against Black Adder venom, DC 11. Failed saving throw. Hit again; Save against Black Adder venom, DC 11. Failed saving throw. Poison's duration extended by half again and consecutive saves against the poison are against a DC increased by 2.

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