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Looking on the poisons table in the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 297, the poisons table lists the Primary effect of Drow Poison as Unconsciousness and the Secondary effect as Unconsciousness for 2d4 hours, with no mention of the ambiguous "remain unconscious" language. So it appears that the answer to your question is Yes, the character must roll both ...


Although the word "remain" is confusing here, I would tend to answer that yes, you have to make both saves (unless the poison description states otherwise). In the case of drow knockout poison, the results could be expressed as this: Fail/Fail: It knocked you out cold, right from the get-go. Fail/Pass: It got the drop on you, but you shook it off and got ...


I would rule No, simply because of the wording of the second roll. After 1 minute, the subject must succeed on another DC 13 Fortitude save or remain unconscious for 2d4 hours. If you're not unconscious, you cannot remain unconscious, because you aren't unconscious in the first place.

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