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Although the entry does say you can use it as a RBA and normal RBA's are at-will, I believe the power you're using supersedes a normal RBA. In other words, the Special feature states that you use this power as the RBA, so if that power is an encounter power, it remains as such. Otherwise Seekers essentially get a new at-will power whenever they pick up the ...


“Strength modifier damage” doesn't mean anything, because it's two fragments of two different pieces of the phrase. This wording is really common in 4e powers, and makes straightforward sense… once you've seen how to read it, that is. It's a little bit like a garden path sentence though, so it's not really your fault for reading it wrong. How you've parsed ...


An ability modifier (strength in this instance), is calculated by taking the strength score, subtracting 10 and dividing the remainder by 2 (round down). So if your score is 18, your modifier is 4. So in the power with a text of 1[W]+str, with a longsword, the damage at L1 with a Strenght of 18 would be: 1d8+4 (plus other modifiers) As your strength ...


In addition to wax eagle's answer, one of the races has this ability naturally. I think it is gnome, but I would have to break out my 4e books again to verify which one for sure, as I haven't played in about a year.


You're thinking of the Bregan D'aerthe Spy theme's Utility 2 power that reads: Free Action Personal Trigger: You have any cover or concealment when you roll initiative. Effect: You can make a Stealth check to hide. It can be accessed by taking the Bregan D'aerthe Spy theme and then taking this power as your utility 2 power.


The easiest way to add the Thunder keyword is with an implement that does so. Unfortunately, this isn't possible unless there is a way you can get to using a bow as an implement. The best bet would be a staff enchanted to deal Thunder damage on all of it's attacks. Unfortunately, there isn't one. However, if you're looking for an opener, I'd recommend ...


Yes, it means enemies and allies Creature A being in the game world. Both adventurers and monsters are creatures. See also adventurer and monster. - Published in Rules Compendium, page(s) 310. There are options for avoiding friendly fire while still laying down a burst/blast zone that includes friendlies War Wizard's Staff feat lets you slide an ...


Yep, allies are hit too, otherwise it would say "each Enemy in the blast", as is the case on plenty of attacks (For example, Fire Shroud, contrast with Shock sphere).


Absolutely. They just have to make their save. Difficult terrain is not blocking terrain. The only part of this power that stops movement is the saving throw when the creature leaves. If your DM did not have the Golem take and then make the save, then it was played incorrectly. If the golem passed his save, and paid the extra movement for the difficult ...

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