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The prestige class black blood cultist (Champions of Ruin 44-8) gains at level 6 as part of its extraordinary ability feral rage this ability: At 6th level and higher, whenever you hit with both of your claw attacks during a rage, you rend your opponent’s flesh, automatically dealing double claw damage in addition to normal damage. (45) Thus, after the ...


It would require a DM ruling. The developers didn't create a bullet point for every 'what if' scenario available. Some were added after the fact, hence Dragon magazine. If you want to have a bloodline that falls out of the published material provided, who would arbitrate the bloodlines from other animals? It would have to be your DM.


I believe there not to be. I have searched through all of my books (I own all 3.0/3.5 books, except for the dungeon-tile publications, all of my magazines (Dragon and Dungeon) dating from TSR to Paizo, and several Mongoose and Sword and Sorcery publishing books. Those are literally the only two examples I could find as well. I even used three differen't ...

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