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Maybe you mean Effigy Master from Complete Arcane? It is an arcane caster PrC (1) with wondrous item as requirement (2) where the character is as said "Fascinated by the animating force of life itself" (3), gains the class skill "Craft effigy" that allows it to create constructs (4) though there is no healing or cauldron involved. The art for the effigy ...


You are correct - you would not gain +1d6 Eldritch Blast As you yourself wrote, you are effectively a Warlock 11 for Eldritch Blast damage, and going up to effectively Warlock 12 does not increase it. But look on the bright side - your Fortitude and Reflex saves go up by 1! If you do not think you will get to warlock level 10 (effective level 13), ...


The Technomancer is a prestige class that advances the spellcasting progression of a different class. As such, it isn't a casting class itself. Not every prestige class that add levels of spellcasting (getting "+1 level of spellcasting" basically counts as having one more level in the casting class of your choice for determining several spellcasting-...


The fleshwarper from Lords of Madness uses grafting to modify and improve his familiar, though it becomes an aberration, not a golem. There’s also no cauldron in the art, though there are a lot of glasses and beakers. Probably not what you had in mind, but just to toss it out there. The art is Note the upgraded monkey familiar.

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