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Most prestige classes give little or no progress toward your previous classes. As mentioned, your spellcasting ability might increase, but none of your class features will. There is however at least 1 class that will increase all of your (spellcasting) class features as you level in the prestige class: Evangelist. You will effectively start gaining class ...


Neither primeval nor weretouched master received any options, improvements, or extensions in any supplements beyond those in which they were originally printed. Their particular forms of shape-shifting are unique and not expanded upon by other classes or feats. They do not even qualify for master of many forms, the usual go-to solution to wanting to turn ...


I would consult your DM for context homeruling on this or ,barring that, seek a magic item (Ring of Enlarge Creature for instance) that allows you to activate an increase in size besides your transformation.


The supernatural ability aspect of healing possessed by the prestige class Singer of Concordance (Races of the Dragon 91-6) is unclear as to how it's supposed to function. No errata nor Sage Advice discusses the ability. The DM must rule what, exactly, the aspect of healing affects. House Rules However, were a Singer of Concordance present in my campaign, ...

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