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Bottom line up front: there are many options here, but I don’t think a second level of beguiler is the best of them. If you took another level of beguiler, you would get the class features of Beguiler 2 (Cloaked Casting, Surprise Casting), and it would progress your beguiler spellcasting (so if you took it after those levels of ultimate magus, just before ...


You can enter the class as early as 2nd-level, but doing so is pointless as you have no second class to advance. (Arguably, this could advance one class at double-speed, but that’s a terrible idea even for a high-optimization game.) Thus 3rd is the earliest meaningful level to do it. This is pretty typical early-entry stuff; there’s a whole handbook on ...


There is an infamous feat in Complete Arcane called Precocious Apprentice which gives you one 2nd-level Arcane spell (and only one) which you can take as you take your 1st-level in an Arcane spell-casting class (such as Wizard). The qualification for Mystic Theurge reads: To qualify to become a mystic theurge, a character must fulfill all the following ...


Wikipedia actually has a page that seems to list all of them and their locations: List of prestige classes.

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