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Play the druid as is, it looks fine. To improve AC: Take the bear companion (has an aura, any ally in the aura gets +2 power bonus to all defenses Level 1 Primal Guardian class feature: Use Con for AC Use a light shield (Noted by Peter Seckler)


Don't forget Sentinels get shields (unlike the standard druid..) This is something I'd also leave to feats to handle: Hide Armor Expertise: While wearing hide armor, you can gain a +2 bonus to AC instead of using your Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to determine your AC. You could bump the shield up from light to heavy with another feat.


Moonbow Dedicate (feat, D367, page 69) lets you use a Shortbow as an implement for divine attacks. Thus you can meet the implement and weapon requirements, I believe.


Divine Bolts ddi is an implement power, so rules as written, you can't. You might however be able to either get your DM to approve the combination, or to get your DM to approve the combination when using an implement that is also a weapon (and thus requiring the investment of another feat). In allowing the combo, I would rule that Rapid Shot's override of ...


This is, of course, your choice as a DM. It always is. But if you're looking for justification by the rules, the spirit companion seems to be balanced. While attacks on it always hit, they have to pass the damage threshold and, yes, at low levels it will be very hard. At higher levels, I can see it passing the threshold and hitting the shaman for a lot ...

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