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You're most likely thinking of the retroclone FASERIP, named after the fan-created nickname for Marvel Super Heroes as an acronym of its PCs' stats. It's well-known and -liked by fans of old-school supers. This is a fairly straightforward retroclone, intended to be Marvel Super Heroes in all but name. Less likely, you might instead be thinking of the ...


There are many old Marvel games, but I assume you mean the old one based on the FASERIP system (so named based on the first letters of the 7 primary character attributes). I know of two recent FASERIP retro-clones: Four Color (4C) System FASERIP You can also get stuff for the old system at classicmarvelforever.com.


That one's called FASERIP, and is available for download here.


It is in the Adventurer's Vault 2 page 97. In the future you can use the Compendium, even without a DDI Subscription. You can't get the text of the item (or feat or whatever you are looking up) but it will tell you the book it came in.


More broadly than Pathfinder; there is the Pouches of Shared Acquisition in 4ed and Leomund's Secret Chest Ritual has a similar effect. I'm failing at finding a link for the Pouches; https://the-expendables.obsidianportal.com/items/pouches-of-shared-acquisition is the best I've managed so far. Specifically to Pathfinder, while it's not exactly what you are ...


The Torchbearer GM screen I'm pretty sure that is the Torchbearer screen, as seen in this image. Torchbearer is a game based on the Burning Wheel system, written to evoke the real sense of danger and especially scarcity in dungeon-delving.


I'm not sure if it's exactly what you saw, but I've found that the Reign Company Rules found in the Reign Enchiridion are a good way to structure business in any system. In the system you create an company/organization with it's own stats (such as finances, member loyalty, and productivity) which can take a certain number of actions in a given time period. ...

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