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I think this is the one you're looking for: The Endless Meta Spiral by Martin Bull Gudmundsen. The winner of the 2008 Role-Playing Poem Slam at HolmCon. A quote from the text: “Play yourselves as you were two minutes ago. After two minutes, M. says: “We’re sitting down to play this game. It’s two minutes ago.””


His name is Daralathyxl, and he's described in Dragons Revisited (2009). See the wiki for more information on him.


Besides the dragon lifespan, the only thing I can think of that resembles what you are describing (mechanic-wise) is either the Dracolyte ((Draconomicon, p. 122) or the Dragon Rider (Dragonlance Campaign Setting, p. 77). The Dracolyte has: Foster Dragon: At 5th level, a dracolyte is entrusted with the care of a wyrmling dragon. The Dragon Rider has: ...

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