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These are called "tokens" (sometimes "creature tokens" or "monster tokens") and are widely available in PDF at all fine purveyors of roleplaying games PDFs, such as RPGNow. Normally these are used with virtual tabletop software or printed onto card stock and cut out for use on a real tabletop, but if you have access to an appropriate printer and transparent ...


Could it have been a variant of the Mimic? (Mimics traditionally look like a chest or similar desirable object.)


Depending on how old your GM is, this is probably a nod to the Wizardry franchise of PC and online RPGs, which go all the way back to 1981. One of the signature creature types at lower levels was the Creeping Coin Later, Wizardry Online had both Creeping and Killer Coins. To the best of my knowledge, these monsters were never vulnerable to fire, though. ...


The game you're looking for was inspired from the author's Ars Magica game. With sufficient effort in reading the Realms of Power: The Divine, a sufficient approximation of the domain/realm interactions can be intuited. With that said, looking at the spell list, I can state with some certainty that the mechanical heritage between Ars and this game is... ...


It could be Ars Magica. The main manual PDF of dominions 4 (6,8 MB) mentiones several inspirations in it's A short history of Dominions Chapter. The only RPG mentioned there is Ars Magica. Other non-PnP inspirations mentioned are: SPQR Age of Chivalry Warhammer Fantasy Battle Master of Magic


Ask your DM. I'm unable to find anything like the monster you describe in any of the 5e books I have available that would likely contain such a creature (Monster Manual, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Rise of Tiamat, Princes of the Apocalypse) so I wouldn't necessarily call this a standard monster. It's possible that it is in one of the books I don't have ...


I would start with the Animated Objects section on p.19 of the Monster Manual. If you use the Animated Armour stats and add your fire susceptibility it wouldn't be far wrong.


These are, indeed, dracotaurs. They were published in D&D 3.5's Monster Manual 3. An excerpt from it with their description can be found here. They're also present in D&D 4e's MM2 as drakkoths.

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