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These aren't from an RPG, they are from the Star Wars Galactic Battle Game by Hasbro. Clearer image: The symbols on the dice correspond to skills. Rolling the die grants a bonus to the corresponding attribute. Each card has its own list of bonuses, but lists all the attributes and their corresponding symbols:


Some diligent searching has uncovered the Classic BattleTech Companion. The book is from the FanPro era of BattleTech (it had 'Classic' in the title at it's first printing, unlike the 'Classic BattleTech RPG', which was a reprint of MechWarrior Third Edition), and covers the third edition of the RPG. The book is currently not available on DriveThru or ...


Times certainly have changed. Here's an official writeup of Zendikar as a D&D setting, straight from Wizards of the Coast.

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