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From Dragon #73, for AD&D 2nd Edition: Pan of Spicing A 9-inch, round iron pan with the runic "S" embossed on the handle. Any food fried in this pan is magically spiced to the cook's taste—quite a boon in areas where spice is scarce.


High Colonies? Two hundred years in the future, Earth is a deadly wasteland, ravaged by nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Humanity lives in exile, clinging to life on a multitude of space stations in the Solar System. These stations are the High Colonies, the last hope of mankind.


This maybe wrong but I remember a friend having something close to what you are saying but most "Space" RPGs are somewhat like those.I did a search remembering terms he used to tell me and saw this: Note: SFW non-spoiler link http://www.waynesbooks.com/traveller.html It had multiple sets/modules but as stated even with the detail you gave it seems a long ...


The Spice Jar from the Ferun setting is close to what you describe. It does however provide some bonuses aside from good tasting food. A Pathfinder solution could easily be created using Wonderous Items rules. With DM approval any item can be created. This item would likely be a continuous prestidigitation effect. Which by This Chart means it would cost ...


I think you're thinking of "One roll, to go" from Dragon #113. From the article: Included are three tables that will greatly expedite the die-rolling process. They emulate, respectively, 5 rolls, 10 rolls, and 20 rolls of a 20-sided die. The numbers across the top indicate the to-hit number (1 is left off since there is always a 100 percent chance of ...

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