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If your DM allows stuff from other settings... Eberron Campaign Setting has "Acidic Fire" (p. 120) which is the best of alchemist's fire and acid combined into one. 1d4 damage unless it's vulnerable to fire or acid or both. If you're fighting undead or light-sensitive monsters, look for "Alchemical Sun Flash" in Expedition to Castle Ravenloft -- it's ...


Alchemical items Like everyone else said, there are various thrown splash weapons. I could stop here, but I have a different prediction. Alchemist Bombs This is a Pathfinder class, not a 3.5 one, but it might be what you saw. The two systems are very similar. The Alchemist uses 3 special abilities: extracts (basically spells); mutagens/cognatogens ...


Splash Weapons are found in many books, including core Splash weapons work like grenades: they are thrown, and they cause some effect in an area, or to whoever was hit plus others in an area around that person. The core splash weapons are: Acid – deals acid damage Alchemist’s fire – deals fire damage Holy water – hurts undead and evil outsiders ...


Alchemist's Fire is a thrown weapon that does splash damage to all enemies surrounding the target. It's sort of like an alchemical Molotov Cocktail that causes the target to burst into flames. While it's not quite a grenade, it has effects similar to what you're looking for. The fire it starts only lasts for 1 round, and it doesn't have RAW rules for ...


The game I was reading might have been Worlds In Peril, intended to be a superhero adaptation of the Apocalypse World rules. The similar sections from the October 2014 draft describe the following difficulties Simple – what can you do with ease and so most often use your powers to do? Difficult – what can you, and often do, use your powers to do, ...


Space D6? http://criticalpressmedia.com/opend6/D6%20Space.pdf /Stars Without Number/ can be minimal, if you strip out some of the guff.


In Scion you play the role of one of the gods' mortal children, of which Hercules/Heracles is an archetype. It draws on several real-world mythologies and specifically includes the Greek pantheon.


There are several games that list Hercules as an example... but not consistently. However, there's one that is actually specific to playing epic heroes: Hercules & Xena, by West End Games, derived from the TV shows Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. It includes extensive examples using the shows' characters, and it includes ...


Would it be Mythender? You take on gods, heroes, etc. and it can either be mythology drawn from history or made up. Agon RPG would be the second one I'd think of with Hercules as a potential enemy, though the game is clearly set to greek mythology specifically.


That RPG is John Tynes's Power Kill, the B-side to Puppetland.

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