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Yes, the Wyvern is probably intended to have disadvantage. While Word of God could always overturn this, it seems pretty clear that the intent is for this to apply to reach attacks. They have the key phrase "ranged attack" and use it elsewhere in the rules (e.g. in the Monk's deflect arrows ability). This heavily implies that the more awkward wording is ...


General Answer World Serpent's Grasp is defined in Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms on page 321. It says: Whenever you hit a slowed or immobilized target with an attack, you can knock it prone. This has three conditions: You make an attack You hit with the attack The creature you hit was slowed or immobilized Condition one is not as trivial as it ...


Yes to all. If you make an attack roll, and you hit, you have "Hit with an attack." It doesn't matter what it was.

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