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At levels 1-2, you're an psychic arsonist and poisoner. At levels 3-5, you're a poison wholesaler. At levels 5+ you've got fantastic spellcasting. This is a separate answer because it takes a very different tone than "don't play one." The Erudite, (even spell-to-power) prima facie looks unplayable. A wilder starts off better and has a much more specific ...


It's very difficult, but pretend like you're an unskilled bard and take a first level dip into something more survivable. To be clear, much of your survival, even more so than normal "quadratic" classes, will be a direct result of your personal creativity. Don't engage in fights you don't have to, be liberal in your sneaking about and ...


The Telepath 9th tier power: Psychic Chirurgery - You repair psychic damage or impart knowledge of new powers. Psions have a limited number of powers along the lines of Bards and Sorcerers - limited powers, but can use them as much as they want. Psions are even more powerful with the use of Power Points that can be allocated in any fashion towards any ends ...


Tsochar from Lords of Madness page 121.


Secrets of Sarlona SoS presents a number of arcane cantrips as 1st level powers, see page 133. There are no rules for actual 0th-level powers in D&D 3.5. They were present under the name of "Talents" in the 3.0 Psionics Handbook and reintroduced in Pathfinder, but they skipped 3.5.


I'm not aware of a 3.5 sourcebook that presents 0th-level psionic powers, though there may be one out there. For Pathfinder, the Psionics rules are all to be found in publications by Dreamscarred press. The core book, Psionics Unleashed, provided the Psion class with a limited number of "talents" that acted like level 0 powers. The Psionics Expanded series ...


No, they are augmented automatically up to their Manifester Level You don’t need to actually spend power points on psi-like abilities; they are automatically augmented as much as they can be for their Manifester Level. From the SRD Psionic Monsters – Psi-like Abilities: When a creature uses a psi-like ability, the power is manifested as if the creature ...

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