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In your example, you would need to spend 12 additional power points to both manifest as a swift action and increase the bonus by 2. This is addressed in the "Psionic powers" overview, at the very bottom. Many powers can be augmented in more than one way. When the Augment section contains numbered paragraphs, you need to spend power points separately for ...


The Expanded Psionics Handbook "helpfully" describes the procedure for determining number and levels of Powers in a Powerstone using those tables, and then says (p. 168): […] then choose the specific power of a given level from those described in Chapter 5. You can pick a desired power or determine the power randomly. I guess on the plus side, ...


You can use this loot generator to do so. Just tick the ticky box for psionics.


To answer the question at the end: Yes, the "trick" of using Sneak Attack with a power like Energy Ray works, and can yield a relatively high number of damage dice per manifestation under good circumstances. To answer the question implied by your title: Hardly. The Psychic Rogue is harshly limited by his power list, power point total and feat availability. ...


The trick is legit, interesting, but ultimately suboptimal This trick basically involves paying 23/100 power points for 30d6 burst damage. It is limited to a 30 foot range, and is single target. You still have to deny them their dex bonus to AC somehow, which either means This isn't bad, but at the same level a kineticist can do 8d6 single target + 17d6 ...


The Rogue Trader errata states: Discipline Mastery (page 159): The Basic Technique for a Discipline does count towards the number of powers required to acquire Discipline Mastery. So my assumption is that the special power does not, but clearly the Basic Technique does.


The rules are obnoxiously vague: Powers stored in command thought items are usually not augmented, because the manifester level of such an item is assumed to be the minimum possible to manifest the stored power. Powers stored in use-activated items are usually not augmented, because the manifester level of such an item is assumed to be the minimum ...

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