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The Starter Set. I know you're asking for a free adventure, however the Starter Set can be bought for a crazy cheap price (currently $12 at Amazon) and the included adventure is a very good introduction to 5th edition (and D&D in general).


Probably too late, but City of the Spider Queen (WotC ) has a couple of CR16 vampires: -Jhorganni, Female drider vampire: Clr7; CR16, pg.152 -Maas, Vampire Assassin: Male drow vampire Mnk4/Rog4/Asn5; CR16, pg.155


On the Wizards of the Coast forums there is a thread regarding this issue. The response from the authors is as follows. Hazirawn: The magic item (page 94) has inconsistent damage when attuned. In the first paragraph, it says that you deal an additional 1d6 damage when you are attuned with the weapon. In the second paragraph under Increased Potency, it ...


1. Bonus Damage It seems, logicaly deducting from the wording of the first paragraph, that the intent was to give a non attuned user of the item bonus to both attack roll, damage and additional necrotic damage. That is most likely due to the wording of the Increased Potency instead of 1d6, which signals that while NOT attuned - you still deal bonus 1d6 ...


Okay, I think I understand the confusion, but I hope I can clear it up for you. As stated in the sidebar on Chapter 2: wyrmspeakers are all Wearers of Purple. That's the upper-most group in the cult. That same line says that wyrmspeakers can appoint other cultist to preside over cult enclaves, making those appointees also Wearers of Purple. Going back to ...


The Wearers of Purple are the only ones that wear purple robes, and the only available Wearer of Purple in Episode 1 is Mardath, as others have said. The beginning of the Prisoners section referenced says this: If the characters haven’t run into any cult leaders yet, Nighthill takes them onto the parapet and points out what he means. This is an ideal ...


All cult leaders wear the purple robe, though the only one explicitly mentioned in Episode 1 is Frulam Mondath. I asked this question in chat a few weeks ago, because I had your same confusion (in reference to the same passage you mention). Other than Mondath, there aren't any other such leaders available to interrogate in Episode 1--only regular cultists. ...

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