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Depends Yes, according to RAW. On p20 we find that: The submergence die starts at 0. Increase the submergence die by 1 when: The adventurers enter a new level of the dungeon. The characters are running around above ground, the submergence die is 0. The find the Maw and decide to go in? The submergence die is set to 1. No Because of any of the ...


I agree with much of what has nitsua60 has said in terms of getting suitable books. I am currently running Princes of the Apocalypse which is a good adventure and a bit more sandbox-y in that the Players are able to visit multiple locations in any order to progress the plot. Does require a more thorough understanding of the adventure though because it's not ...


For the most part, yes you can run DnDnext content with the 5e rules. The biggest changes that you need to take into account is monster stats. You will want to use the latest monster stats rather than those in the modules. In general the DnDNext monster stats were too low and did not pose much of a threat to players. I ran all of the Next modules with the ...


It'll be easiest, particularly for a starting GM, to use material written for 5e. But you can certainly convert--for that I'd recommend 2e (see below). Here are some 5e possibilities, along with sources: Hardcover 5e books (amazon.co.uk, any other bookseller) WotC has released three separate seasons' hardcover campaign books. Season 1: Tyranny of ...


Lacking a scanner, most mobile phones have cameras that are good enough. You can read normal-sized text on a full-size legal document in the images from my 7-year-old iPhone. So it shouldn't be hard to take several closer images of the original map, use pretty much any photo-editing software to get it reasonably lined up, then print it normally. There will ...


You could use a scanner, scale it up, and print it. Or you can buy very nice digital copies from the artist Mike Schley, and print them. Go to staples or office Depot and ask about engineering prints. You should be able to get a large map printed for a few dollars.


There are two WaRP-specific non-Al Amarja adventures on the Atlas Games WaRP page: http://www.atlas-games.com/warp/.

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