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I haven't played DDO since before it went free-to-play, so it's quite likely some stuff has changed. However, certain issues are probably still in place. Like most MMO games (and many RPGs in general), the NPCs in DDO tend to ignore anything past their line of sight other than a few scripted sequences. So the players can hang out in one room for hours and ...


Indeed, that encounter is way above the characters' expected level. One of the writers, Steve Winter has also spoken a little about the encounter's balance and design history. In a post (posting as Huscarl) on WotC forums, Steve Winter wrote of the "No Room at the Inn" encounter: [in] The original version ... the villains were not assassins but young ...


No, the assassins are intended to be that level. Hoard of the Dragon Queen was explicitly published with a Web appendix with all the monster stats needed, since the MM wasn't out yet. In it, the assassins are still CR8, see Where is the "Tyranny of Dragons online appendix"? But you are proceeding from a faulty premise. There is only "little ...


The best way would be to visit my site, where I keep a list of all the adventures published so far for D&D 5E. I maintain two lists - one by publisher, and one by level. http://merricb.com/2014/08/03/the-great-list-of-dungeons-dragons-5e-adventures/ http://merricb.com/dungeons-dragons-5e/dungeons-dragons-5e-adventures-by-level/ Enjoy!


I don't know if anyone has adapted the specific storylines of the MMO, but 4e does have both an Eberron Campaign Guide and an Eberron Players Guide. They're currently available for ~$15 total on amazon. These books contain rules for Artificers, Kalashtar, Warforged, and Changelings, as well as information about the various controlling houses, with feats ...


Chris Perkins adapted Tomb of Horrors for D&D Next in Dungeon magazine, issue 213. D&D Next was sort of the "beta version" of fifth edition, but it should be very usable.

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