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Princes of the Apocalypse looks like your best option. It is set close to Phandelver, has the same look and feel (same cartographer) and is for characters level 1-15. It really starts at level 3 though. Your other options are Hoard of the Dragon Queen (1-7) and Rise of Tiamat (7-15) A lot of work required by the DM, but both nice adventures. You could also ...


The best way to get a comprehensive listing of adventures for D&D, or any system, is via RPGGeek, a comprehensive listing site. In this case it's a little tricky though. Go to the D&D 5e page and filter the linked items by Category: Scenario/Adventure/Module. That gets you all the official WotC adventures. Then, go to the 5e Compatible page and ...


I wrote this adventure myself: The Helpful Worm: A Numenera One-Shot. I can't reasonably describe it as "published" but it is online and playable. Numenera is about exploring and discovering new technology. I haven't been pleased with many of the published modules because they've felt more like linear travel and fighting monsters. I think this adventure ...


You can choose to not use as many random encounters as they approach the keep. That first encounter I gave the full party a surprise round to start it off. Unfortunately it was still a brutal start. In mine I let Linan offer a healing potion to one of the wounded as thanks for saving them. This way they may be able to survive their trek to the keep


Quick Silver Hourglass is an epic 3.5 adventure in Dungeon Magazine Issue 123 by Anson Caralya. It has in it the vampire sorcerer Baucojin, known as the "Crimson Eclipse", CR 31 vampire (male human vampire sorcerer 29), and member of the Union of Eclipses! An actual play gives a good overview of the adventure.

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