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Stat blocks in AD&D adventures are always the final calculated values, whether they're named creatures or stock.


This is a reference to a mechanic that was removed just before the final release of the 5e Player Handbook. It can be ignored. Because HotDQ was released at about the same time as the PH, there were several such times that the adventure used outdated rules. Please see the errata for this adventure for several other fixes.


There's no hard-and-fast set of rules on this. But we've got a few ways of looking at your scheme. 1. Crafting (PHB187)/Crafting Magic Items (DMG 128-129). Each of these pursuits allow you to manage your downtime-game to the level of which X are you creating at what times. While crafting mundane items and crafting magical items proceed at different paces (...


Sprawl Wilds for the 5th edition has an adventure called Manhunt. Mission summary: Fifteen years ago Seattle was plagued by a number of vicious animal attacks. Now these attacks seem to be on the rise again.


I had a set of tables I made for 3.5 that detailed a lot of fun things about running a business, but this is what it comes down to from a DM perspective: Figure out what sort of benefit you want to give your players, add some randomness, and have that be the effect of the mine. For example, let's say you want to give them a nice passive income of 500gp a ...


Use mnemo-techniques like method of loci. This should be fairly easy - because you have to imagine the place where you and your players (virtually) go anyways. Make yourself comfortable with the location you are going to visit. Think in strong absurd pictures. If there are creatures lurking imagine them with unusal colors: a pink goblin, a yellow ork, a ...


There's a million things you could do, and that is pretty difficult for us to answer. But, I'll let you know what our DM did that has been working for our group. All of the following is what our party and DM has done with the mine from Mines of Phandelver. Based on this answer being dependent on knowledge of spoilers, you are hereby warned: Spoiler Warning ...


Vampire The Masquerade 20th Anniversary is compatible with Revised Edition To a lesser extent, V20 is also compatible with second edition and first edition. This was the entire point of the 20th Anniversary editions; they consolidate many of the version differences down to a single book that most players will find useful no matter which edition they were ...


I know that the Runner's Companion adventure (On the Run i believe) has not only a vampire, but a gang of them. I won't spoil the adventure to you, but a major character in the entertainment business is actually a vampire.


This question & answer is 5 years old and I think it's worth highlighting the dramatically changed landscape. First and foremost, the 5th Edition of D&D has launched and parts of it have been open-sourced. It's available as a free to download 400-page PDF! 5E is now printing "big adventure" book every 6 months. They've also opened up 50+ ...


So the three official books that readily connect are: Lost Mine of Phandelver (D&D Starter Set) (level 1 to 4) Hoard of the Dragon Queen / Rise of Tiamat (level 1 to 15) Princes of the Apocalypse (level 1/3 to 15) LMoP and PotA happen literally next door to each other. HotDQ runs over a much larger area that also includes the areas from LMoP and PotA....

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