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In game options you could consider are: As the PCs get nearer, put some tough encounters in their way. It would make perfect sense for Black Spider to have guards patrolling the area in order to keep wandering prospectors out. Hopefully the party will take the hint, retreat, and take on some of the simpler quest lines. If or when they return to town, have ...


Spoiler alert: Starter Set "Mines of Phandelver" I'm worried that somehow they'll find their way to Wave Echo Cave without having done enough missions to level up to level 4 as it appears to require. First off, it's not clear that they can reach the Wave Echo Cave at all without the required map. In fact, given that this very valuable mine has been ...


I'm not familiar with the adventure path you're using, so I can't speak to it specifically, but I can give some general advice. There are, generally, four ways to handle this. As you mentioned, is let them walk in and die. They'll, hopefully, learn from their mistakes and be more prepared in the future. A lot of people like this kind of play and it's ...


I've done almost exactly that, except I also had some house-rules in combat mechanics. This was around 5 years ago, so the particulars are a little hazy. In general, I think, it was pretty straightforward - as far as I remember I converted stats basically on the fly, without any special preparation.

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