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Demon Queen's Enclave is an adventure set in a Drow settlement in the Underdark aimed to take characters from14th to 17th level. I've played through it as a player and found it was less railroaded than some other 4th Edition published adventures.


Bonus Damage Tashio's got the right answer on that one. I have nothing to add here. Charges The starter kit seems to have a strange rule about magical items! Except for potions and scrolls, in most cases magical items are really hard to destroy. There are also wands that have a limited number of charges. For example, if you give a Wand of Fire Balls, but ...


try this - i know i am kinda late but found it today while looking for free adventures. http://www.froggodgames.com/sites/default/files/promos/The%20Wizards%20Amulet%20(5E).pdf


Well aren't the dragons really there to eat the prisoners for the sacrifice. It says the heroes can stop the sacrifice if the dragons are attacked. They might also have the giants who could attack the dragons. Since the sacrifices are taken to the temple at some point before the ritual, I'd just say that if the evil assets aren't evenly matched then it ...


References From Episode 1 p22, this is the allocation I assume you are referring to: From Episode 6 p59: and and p61: Not directly related but useful as guidance, from Episode 9 p86 and p87 Discussion Like a lot of things in this module, DM discretion is involved. The criteria for getting the support of all metallic dragons is clear. It ...


The only specifics given in the text that are appropriate to consider in my second read-through are the following: There are hundreds of chromatic dragons. The chromatic dragons outnumber the metallic dragons. There are 5 metallic dragons to appeal to. The metallic dragons are more effective than the chromatic dragons because they are more willing to work ...

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