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Off the top of my head, your options for +0/+1 LA large-sized races are: Half-Minotaur (as you've noted) Half-Ogre (also Dragon Magazine, +1 LA) Anthropomorphic Baleen Whale (Savage Species, +0 LA, 3 RHD) Incarnate Construct Maug (Savage Species, Fiend Folio, +1 LA, 2 RHD) Goliath Barbarian (Races of Stone, only while raging, powerful build while not ...


A creature that has telepathy can communicate mentally with any creature that has a language, even if they don’t share the language. The other creature must be within line of effect and within a specified range. Telepathy allows for two-way communication. (RC 316) There is no restriction on the keywords associated with the character, if they have a ...

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