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A non-standard ways of being a warshaper that I played in the past: Use the unearthed Arcana ranger variant. You lose your combat style feats. If you take 5 ranger levels, this is 1 feat. You gain wild shape as a druid and barbarian fast movement. Ranger 5/Master of Many Forms 2/Warshaper 4 Champion of the Wild ACF (CC) will give you a bonus feat at ...


Classes Five classes stand out to me as ideal choices for entry to warshaper. Pugilist Fighter Pugilist is a variant fighter from Dragon vol. 310. It gains Improved Unarmed Strike, slightly increased unarmed strike damage (but it doesn’t scale like the monk’s), the Endurance feat, and then one other feat (or special “Pugilist ...


Just a list of points to consider, without actual shot at the really optimal build. Don't do Fighter4, whatever the variant is. Do Barbarian dip for pounce (Lion Totem, Complete Champion), maybe 2 levels for pounce and free improved trip (Wolf Totem, Unearthed Arcana). Tome of Battle is at least worth looking into. Either Crusader for early healing access, ...


Yes they do: Elf Blood: Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race. -PRD Half-Elf Racial Traits

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