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Run & Gun adds several interrupt actions and one Edge action that are applicable to defending yourself against grenades. Right back at ya! This is an interrupt action that deducts 10 from initiative. You have to pass an Agility (2) test to quickly pick up or intercept the incoming grenade, followed by a Throwing Weapons attack at a -2 penalty to return ...


In the DMG on page 272: When a ranged attack misses a target that has cover, you can use this optional rule to determine whether the cover was struck by the attack. First, determine whether the attack roll would have hit the protected target without cover. If the attack roll falls within a range low enough to miss the target but high enough to strike ...


RAW, no, you cannot perform ranged sunder attacks without an additional ability that lets you (like the Archer fighter archetype's Trick Shot ability). That's the only current way to get a ranged sunder ability, but it would be fair to propose a feat or class archetype that grants it.

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