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Since you're building this NPC to support your party of three, build it as a Companion instead. The main reason monsters are different in D&D 4e is to provide them with just the powers that would be useful in a single encounter, without worrying too much about daily resources or situational powers. Just to make a comparison with monsters built as PCs, ...


As the rules state it, yes, this would be an exception However, if you want to make this ranger a little stronger, you may want to give it feats. Also as others have said, a simpler (and possibly more effective) solution could be to re-skin a monster. It would already be balanced and you don't have to put the effort into building it.


Use a reskinned monster instead. These are already balanced and you don't have to worry about construction rules. Find one of the appropriate level with the properly themed powers and just hand it to your PCs to play with. This saves you tons of headaches with NPC creation rules (which are likely out of balance pretty dramatically at this point), and keeps ...

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