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How does she feed all the animals? Using something as simple as having to find food for them all could be one way of keeping their numbers in check.


The creature types you list are not immune to "precision damage" specifically. The creature type traits define them as immune to Critical Hits Sneak Attack says it doesn't work on the listed creature types Precise Strike says it doesn't work on creatures immune to crits (also "only works against living creatures with discernible anatomies") Favored Enemy ...


Personally, I don't like the wording of "Precision Damage" in the RC for this very reason and it contradicts prior usage. Precision Damage as used in the RC is Sneak Attack, Sudden Strike and Skirmish. This damage doesn't apply to creatures immune to critical hits. However, Precision damage was already defined by the DMG and others to include Favored ...


The primary source on Favored Enemy is either Player’s Handbook in the ranger class description, or Rules Compendium if you buy its assertion of primacy. The descriptions in the Invisibility description in Dungeon Master’s Guide, Improved Manyshot in Epic Level Handbook, or even darkness, despite also being in the Player’s Handbook, are definitely not the ...


Your DM has the right of it. The way it is worded is designed to make it clear that the player can choose when to apply the benefit. The only limitation is that the player must make the decision to apply the modifier before the DM tells you if it would be a hit/miss or the effect of the damage dealt.

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