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Strahd's name is of generic Eastern European inspiration. He rules Barovia, his brother is Sergei, the woman in their love triangle is Tatyana — all extremely Eastern European names by the standards of Midwest America in the late 80s. So, there are some points of commonality among Eastern European languages — or, more to the point, points of commonality in ...


I'm assuming that "Count Strahd von Zarovich" is supposed to be a German noble name or of German origin, because of the dark and gothic setting and the fact that "von" was a German nobility title in earlier times and still exists in many older German names. Strahd is pronounced with a German long "a" (which would probably be like an English short "a"). Note ...


German pronunciation (must be German because of the von which is added, in this case to a Slavic patronymic, to denote nobility): /ʃtʀɑːt fɔn tsaʀovɪtʃ/ (see the IPA and its help for English on Wikipedia). Zarovich is either an alternative spelling or a romanization from a different language of the Russian term Tsarevich (Царе́вич, "son of the tsar").


This answer is based off actual experience (I asked this exact question in middle school). I am basing this off of my German teacher's pronunciation whenever I showed her the module in 7th grade (1993) (yes, I was in 7th grade when I bought that box set - and in 8th grade when I bought I, Strahd. She said this: Strodd fon Tsar Oh Vichks (She was a dual ...

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