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Your Turn On your turn, you can move and perform an action. The ready action is, as you point out, an action like any other. This means that on your turn you can move and take the ready action. The Ready Action The ready action allows you to react to a specific, "perceivable circumstance." "To do so, you can take the Ready action on your turn so that you ...


Yes they could,but depending on their builds, this may not be an optimal strategy. Readying takes your Action, leaving you only your Reaction with which to act. You could be giving up extra attacks or maneuvers in exchange for a single attack at advantage. Also remember that Readying an action is always a risk. You are setting up an action that is dependent ...


Yes, that's an option, and it's an effective way to coordination the party's actions. The DM would have to make a ruling about what order to resolve all their attacks in, but that's not an issue that would prevent them from all taking the Ready action with the same trigger.


In Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. There is a section of the Overwatch move that says The active character guards a specific area or target, poised to shoot at an opportune moment. [...] The active character then specifies Standard Attack, Full Auto Burst, or Semi-Auto Burst, along with conditions under which he will perform the chosen attack. Each any time the ...

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