Reign is a fantasy RPG from Greg Stolze utilizing his One Roll Engine - a dice pool system based on rolling matching sets. It is perhaps most notable for its Company rules - a generic ORE-based ruleset for managing the activities of groups.

The Company rules allow for a huge variety of organizations, from gangs to empires, and allow their stats and activities to be tracked and played in a quick, abstract fashion that does a good job of both generating opportunities for player activity and reflecting the outcomes of player actions.

For example, if the PCs are trying to bolster the reputation of the thieves' guild of which they are members, they might add to the stats of their guild by completing a particularly tricky job (a whole adventure devoted to robbing a high-profile target).

Conversely, if the guild went on the offensive against a rival guild and lost, the guild could lose stats. It would then provide good motivation for an adventure where the PCs have to steal back a valuable (or symbolic) guild treasure from that rival - which could then be reflected in the guild regaining the lost stats.

Reign also contains a fairly complete original fantasy setting to be used in the game. The Reign Enchiridion contains the core rules, including the Company rules, without the background.

The Company rules are a useful tool for games run outside of Reign as well.

The is used in other games, including:

  • Godlike
  • Wild Talents
  • Monsters and Other Childish Things
  • eCollapse
  • Nemesis
  • A Dirty World
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