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The three deities you reference (Bhaal, Myrkul, and Leira) are listed in Appendix B of the 5E Players Handbook (p. 294).


One would think any good (and frankly even many Neutral) gods would have a place for opposition of black magic and foul sorcery. That's kinda like saying "who doesn't like murderers?" "Anyone but Norgorberites I guess?" is the answer. Even CN churches won't like it if there's enslaving/domination going on from the baddies. Good type gods that are the most ...


Version 0.2 of the Basic rules includes a list of Forgotten Realms deities, and it looks like most of the old deities have returned, including some that died before 3e was even released. Bhaal, Leira, and Mrykul -the three you mention in your question- are all back on the list. So are Azuth, Mystra, and Savras, and most of the other popular formerly-dead ...


Yes, the old deities are really coming back. Along with the list of old deities in the forgotten realms section of the gods listed in the updated basic rules, (and the gods listed among-st many pantheon in the player's handbook) there is also the "Sundering" story line. The Player's handbook lists 39 divine for the forgotten realms setting with their ...

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