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By RAW, you can cast Flame Strike all you want. This kind of restriction is technically a roleplaying thing. By the rules, there is nothing to prevent you from casting Flame Strike as a cleric of Auril. The only restrictions on what spells a cleric can cast based on his chosen deity are alignment-based, not based on energy types. However, you're likely ...


Although 2nd-party, according to Hal Maclean's article "Seven Deadly Domains: Spells for Sinners" (Dragon #323 62-6) the pride Domain is available from the following gods. Core Bahamut Beltar Corellon Larethian Heironeous Hextor Iuz Lolth Moradin Pelor Pholtus Tiamat Vecna Wastri Wee Jas Eberron Dol Arrah il-Yannah the Mockery Onatar Forgotten ...

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