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our house rule for when a Pc wants pets or servants or what ever is they can only have an amount of pets equal to half there Fel bonus. and that's just us to keep things less complicated, and smooth play. hope this helps


The Rogue Trader errata states: Discipline Mastery (page 159): The Basic Technique for a Discipline does count towards the number of powers required to acquire Discipline Mastery. So my assumption is that the special power does not, but clearly the Basic Technique does.


Note that the Astropath always receives Psychic Technique (x2). So you get to choose two techniques each time you purchase it. This actually means you can buy it twice at that rank, getting one technique each time (if you meet it's prerequisites of course). Rogue Trader Pg. 104 Psychic Technique Talent Groups: See Psychic Techniques ...

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