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Space Combat is still a combat encounter using Characteristic and Skill Tests -- just on a different playing field. The initiative is different and the question "what action do I take?" is brought to the foreground, but the core rules of how they are performed remains the same. During this combat, the character's personal characteristics are still being ...


No you can never get more that a + or - 60 modifier on any test in any of the fantasy flight Warhammer 40k games. In Deathwatch you can use fate to increase a roll by 10 gettign in effect a +70 but i dont think you get fate points in rogue trader


Disinformation is listed as one of the extended actions as part of Ship Combat. The rule book explicitly states that the modifiers for extended actions may be modified at the GM's discretion. (pg 215 Core Rulebook) The Disinformation action can be taken once per strategic round by a character that has not participated in any other action that round(which is ...

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