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The truth is, Use Scroll is an emulate class feature check. You are in fact emulating the class feature of spellcasting ability, at a caster level of your UMD roll minus 20. The description for use scroll is just an easy way to do the math quickly. Result is the same either way. The other thing that it matters for is a check to use a staff. This is also ...


No, Knowing a spell is not enough to transcribe or copy it All the methods given for putting spells into a Wizard's spellbook require that Wizard has seen the spell in written form. Their options are transcribing a spell that they have prepared (by reading it from their spellbook), or copying spells they have found in other written sources such as scrolls, ...


The Finesse property allows you to choose between using strength or dexterity when making an attack. As such, so long as you're making a melee weapon attack and choose to use strength for the attack roll than yes, Sneak Attack can be used in conjunction with Reckless Attack.

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