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Yep, you're overlooking the Power Points Edge, which gives you more. It's on page 38 of Savage Worlds Deluxe, under “Power Edges” in the “Edges” section of the Character Creation chapter.


The first part of the Fetish Creator Edge says the following: This is a shamanic version of the Gadgeteer Edge. So any rulings regarding the Gadgeteer Edge also apply to this Edge. The version of Gadgeteer that appears in Savage Worlds Deluxe is more thorough and answers your first question about power availability: The device […] uses any power ...


If you join the Templars by taking Arcane Background (Templar), you gain a sword that can harm enemies normally immune to non-magical weapons, except Servitors. This could be an interesting story development for your character: they were really rattled by this experience and they are willing to join a group that has power against those enemies, even if they ...


Area affect attacks, which includes flamethrowers, affect all things under their template. Walls and such provide cover though: the quality of cover gives the target a number of armor points (SWD, “Area Effect Attacks — Cover”, p. 70) against the flamethrower's effect equal to the range modifier the cover is normally worth (as on page 67). So it would ...

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