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There are no official guidelines for what ranks a character should be when they reach certain plot points in The Flood. There is no rank that they are required to be at. Posses are encouraged to start them whenever they feel they are prepared. The lack of rank guidelines is common to all Plot Point Campaigns from Pinnacle*. I believe that this is by design ...


Are you sure that this was an Edge? Savage Worlds Deluxe has the "Fanatics" setting rule in Chapter 4's "Setting Rules" section, which allows a villain to have one of their underlings take a wound for them. This does not apply to player characters. Fanatics Use this rule in pulp-style games where villains are larger than life. When a Wild Card enemy ...


There is a settings optional rule called Fanatics IIRC which allows you to do this.


Its from a Pulp expansion. Which one exaclty i cant remember either. Also you could google for the "savage bestiary" in there are also those rules and other gems.


SWD Explorer's Edition p.78: Firing Blind. Apply these rules to the suppression attempt. If they make their Stealth roll, they move out of the MBT and are not suppressed (No Spirit roll)


You may want to specifically ask in the PEG Forum to get an answer from the experts as to whether Push specifically instigates Melee Combat. I suggest looking at this post from the PEG forums, especially the section about "Defining 'melee'" (emphasis mine): KingCrud wrote: Can a character or NPC move past an enemy figure within melee range ...


Yes it does. Elan can be used with any Trait test which is rerolled with a Bennie. See this question on the official forum for confirmation. If an Edge type has any limitations on its use, it's noted under the overall description. Combat Edges just fall into a category that aid a character in dishing out damage or surviving it. If the Edge can affect ...

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