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The Insight RPG System would be a suitable system for running an EVE campaign. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/127515/Insight-RPG-System-Core-Rulebook?term=insight I've used the system for a sci-fi (Firefly'ish) campaign, and it worked really well. Using EVE online as an Addon to the system, you have what you need. The Abilities used in EVE has some ...


This might be an oddball suggestion, but I would take a look at Shock: Human Contact, which is an in-depth varient of Shock: Social Science Fiction . It's an unusual game in its focus, style, and mechanics, but it allows focus and attention to the hard-SF element, in a way that's quite unique (and doesn't actually require any astrophysics calculations, ...


A good and simple game system could be the Traveller system from Mongoose, you can add the Cybernetics suplement if you want something close to Cyberpunk 2020 or William Gibson's Sprawl setting in terms of cyberimplants and hacking (much more in-depth in the supplement than in the core Traveller book)


GURPS has plenty of contemporary and near future settings and sourcebooks. If you want more advanced tech and its implications, something like Transhuman Space or (3rd edition GURPS) Cyberpunk (which is more dated now) could be appropriate. If you want something less advanced, but still with something on top of our modern day world, you could look at 3rd ...

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