Shadowrun is a near-future game (Set in 2050-2075) in the cyberpunk genre, but with magic and fantasy races.

Shadowrun is a near future roleplaying game where cyberpunk meets magic.

In 2011 an event occured in the Shadowrun world where magic reasserted itself on the world once again, bringing dragons, magic and mythical creatures back from nowhere. Additionally many humans have been transformed into Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and even more strange races in a process known as "Goblinisation".

Shadowrun technology has reached the point where biological and cybernetic implants are commonplace, people so enhanced can become near superhuman in their combat abilities. Shadowrun is set in the same world-system as Earthdawn, but many ages on (The sixth world). Some of the NPCs from Earthdawn appear in Shadowrun as well.

Originally published in 1989 Shadowrun has now had five editions.

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