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While both members of the shadow community, a fence and a fixer operate at different levels of it and have different roles. A fence is a merchant dealing in black and grey market goods. They operate on the fringes of the shadow community - offering services to both members of the shadow community and the more garden-variety criminal. Depending on their ...


A Fence is someone who buys and sells stolen goods. A Fixer is primarily a middleman between the shadows and the corporate world. Some also act as fences.


A spirit can't Endow a power it doesn't actually have. No spirits have Immunity to Age and no spirit any sane metahuman would want to be involved with has Immunity to Normal Weapons. Materialization spirits only receive it when materialized; they don't have it naturally. Possession spirits don't grant it via any means. Inhabitation grants it via Hybrid ...


By raw, no on all counts. Channeling (Street Grimoire, p. 148) requires the summoner to forgo the spirit's Manifestation or Materialization power in exchange for treating it as if it had Possession, just with special rules. It dissipates when the services are used up. However, the choice to Channel has to be made at the time of summoning. An ally spirit is ...


Skills work very different in 3rd compared to 2nd. This is when they made the split between Active and Knowledge skills, and split up some 2e skills into multiple 3e skills (particularly most of the combat skills, kind of a big deal for Shadowrun).


I'd start out by not thinking of the character as evil, instead I'd play him as sociopath. You might not go out of your way to concoct nefarious evil schemes, but as a general mode of behavior you are not constrained by normal morals in getting what you want. If someone has what you want then it would only be the consequences to you personally than constrain ...

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