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Yes this is possible. Also because of the Rule-Of-Six the expected number of hits (before applying the limit in case of non-edging) from D / 3 to 2 * D / 5, where D is the number of dice used. You can also "pay money" for similar effects regarding the limit instead, by using Reagents (SR5, p. 317) which lets you use the number of reagents used as limit ...


Edge is valuable, powerful, and limited. It's also impossible to regain without the GM's discretion. The GM is supposed to give it back when the player does something cool or impressive. As a long-time SR GM, I advise you to only restore Edge when that cool or impressive action didn't require Edge to begin with. Blitz is powerful, but Edge is supposed to ...


Yes, and thats one of the problems with the new limit system for spells. But you are also limited by your Edge pool.

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