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Sprawl Wilds for the 5th edition has an adventure called Manhunt. Mission summary: Fifteen years ago Seattle was plagued by a number of vicious animal attacks. Now these attacks seem to be on the rise again.


Finally the german book got it's errata (german forum) for the second edition of Run & Gun ("Kreuzfeuer"). The Onotari Arms Ballista MML has an accuracy of 4(5). The increased accuracy is possibly a result of using the included laser designator as a laser sight. The Mitsubishi Yakusoku MRL has an accurcy of 4(6). The increased accuracy comes from it's ...


Have you looked at Street Grimoire? It has a lot of content about magic in the academic life, which i wont paste it all here but will quote only the most relevant paragraph (pg 16): Universities present the most consistent career path for magicians, but they create a problem because magicians often end up with the same flavor as their university, ...


I know that the Runner's Companion adventure (On the Run i believe) has not only a vampire, but a gang of them. I won't spoil the adventure to you, but a major character in the entertainment business is actually a vampire.

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