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Yes, Mage Armour and a shield stack. The armour that the Mage Armour spell mentions is body armour, like plate or a breastplate. Mage Armour acts as a suit of armour, so it doesn't work with body armour. A shield is not body armour, and so it can be used at the same time as Mage Armour, and it doesn't cause Mage Armour to go away.


Yes, because a shield is not armour The shield in the equipment chapter is in a different category than light, medium, and heavy armour, and in the classes section shields are listed as a separate proficiency than each of the light, medium, and heavy armour. Also PH page 14, Armor Class, mention wearing armour and carrying a shield several times. Note that ...


The rules for this are a bit scattered through the PHB, but here are the rules relevant to your player's situation: If your player is attempting a shield bash, he must have the Shield Master feat. This allows you to use your bonus action along with an melee weapon attack action to attempt a 5 ft. shove, or knock an enemy prone, using your shield. (PHB, ...

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