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You take the lowest of the two maximum dex bonuses. As GMJoe noted, they aren't giving you a dex bonus, they're setting a maximum on your dexterity bonus to AC. As in, you cannot have a higher dexterity bonus to AC while using that item. If you have armor with a max dex of +1 and a shield with a max dex of +2, then the highest dexterity modifier your AC can ...


No. You get the bonus to AC from your dexterity (+3) once, and the shield and armor both place a maximum on that value. You apply these caps to your bonus (in either order, it won't matter), then you get the final result (+1).


I don't know if it is awkward to answer my own question but after my last game, i now have a more plausible answer in general, just sharing it here for future reference : Most of the spells that an Eldritch Knight uses in thick of battle, does not require material components thus making the need for a foci redundant and having war caster feat feasible for ...


I would rule that a shield bash should be treated like an offhand attack under the two weapon fighting feature. Since it is not a light weapon, I would count it as an improvised weapon that will do 1d4 bludgeoning damage with no positive Str bonus, and you lose the shield bonus to A.C. until the next turn.

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