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You need a free hand for the Flame Blade to appear in, and the other to perform the casting (S,M). After that, the casting is finished - you can use your "casting" hand for whatever you like. Concentration spells don't require you to "keep casting" to maintain them, just to concentrate. You don't lose the use of one hand while maintaining Invisibility, for ...


You have a shield. You can cast a spell using your free hand. The magical weapon appears in your off hand, the one you didn't use to cast. Congrats, you now have a weapon in your hand, the one you didn't use to cast the spell! Oh, and you can in some instances cast a spell using your hand on your shielded arm


Yes, you can cast Flame Blade while holding a shield. In general, you need one free hand to cast a spell. Any material and somatic components required can be performed jointly with that one hand. There's nothing in the description of flame blade that requires a second free hand, so this rule is not superseded. Thus, you can hold a shield in your left hand, ...

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